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Do I have to take all courses chronologically?

Module I is a prerequisite for no. II and III, unless you have a special agreement with Birgitte. After no. I, you can choose freely. 


Is this course for artists?

No, artists are welcome as participants, and so is everybody else. The first iteration of the course was attended by one artist out of 16 participants. 

Is this course for formal leaders?

No, formal leaders are welcome as participants, and so is everybody else. Personal leadership is something all of us have.

Do I have to know a lot about art to attend?

No, this course is about personal choices, inspiration, priorities, methods - all if which can be applied to other types of practices.


What if I miss one or more sessions?

All online sessions will be recorded and shared with participants. You'll have access to the recordings after the course as well.


I am not familiar with Slack, Zoom or Google Docs. Will this course be too difficult then?

No, I have made it very simple. I am also always here to help and offer to be a guide to getting started.

I am tired of online sessions. Why is some of the course online?

The online sessions make it easier to attend no matter where you're placed. If you miss a session, you can access the recording of it afterwards. The sessions vary between reflections, exercises, meditations, breakout rooms, talks - and I promise you: it is never boring!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch, if you have other questions.

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