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Photo by Lisa Bregneager

Photo: Lisa Bregneager


I have worked with contemporary art for the past 20 years: as a museum director (Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde), a curator (Sorø Kunstmuseum and ARKEN Museum of Modern Art), a gallerist (kirkhoff contemporary art), a mentor for artists, a board member (Gong Tomorrow and Jordens Hus) and as an art advisor (The Art Committee at the Danish Parliament and Nykredit).
These various perspectives have provided me a deep insight into institutional strategies and transformation management, fundraising, curatorial practice, theoretical perspectives, financial management, board work, value-based management, the art market, audiences, communication, art interpretation, mediation, developing various formats for events, artistic content, audience participation and art practices.
Finding potentials in a practice, whether it is an artistic or an institutional practice, has been a recurrent theme and method in my work and a deep interest of mine. I really enjoy unfolding these potentials or helping others work their way to it. 


Being in Practice combines my interests in art, ecology, and spirituality. It is deeply rooted in my previous work and interests.
Art invites to questioning and reflection on our mutual present world, unlike any other areas in life. I am strong believer of art’s potential to affect minds, hearts, and souls – and ultimately change systems. The emerging field of Spiritual Ecology explores how we can reconnect to the land, to fellow species, to other humans, and to ourselves. Connecting art, ecology, and spirituality leads to conscious being and practice.
I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and a friend. I am also an Art Historian (University of Copenhagen) and hold a diploma in Arts and Culture Management. I have followed Emergence Magazine’s “Seeds of Radical Renewal: A Three-Month Leadership Course,” and Capital Institute's first course on "Introduction to Regenerative Economics. New Ways of Seeing, Thinking, Being and Managing for the 21st Century."

I have had a spiritual practice for 9 years and have undergone teacher training. I am now a teacher for a spiritual group, Practice in Being (fully booked for 2023). My practice informs my doing and teaches me about being.
Photo by Lisa Bregneager

In the shade of the old Cherry Plum. Photo: Lisa Bregneager

167A2611 (1).jpg

Common Reed, Møn. Photo: Lisa Bregneager

After seven years as director, I felt a pull towards learning new things, being more creative and free in my thinking and doing, and working with artistic knowledge in new ways. I yearned for unfolding other, and deeper, sides of myself and for closer, meaningful relations. Other types of conversations about the turbulent times, we live in. So, I quit.

Developing ecological and personal consciousness with others, and helping others establish inner contact is the most important thing, I have ever done.
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