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Photo by Lisa Bregneager

Plant dyeing. Photo: Lisa Bregneager


Like all other professional practices, an artistic or curatorial practice sometimes calls for advice, support, and a safe space to share ideas and doubts.
Mentor sessions aim at creating such a space for all sorts of reflections and questions pertaining to professional artistic and curatorial practices*. These could include network, artist statements, documentation, exhibitions, financial matters, pricing, applications, theoretical perspectives, collaborations, and of course the art works and art projects themselves. The sessions can also include matters of a more personal kind. 


Many artists struggle to balance the competing aspects of their artistic practice. On the one hand there is the need to engage in (sometimes large-scale) productions and demands for high visibility and presence in various contexts, and on the other hand you need scope for immersion and the time to develop your art. While I cannot establish a sustainable and balanced practice for you, we can work together to find possible answers to how you can move forward.

As a mentor, I draw from my experience from various roles in the art scene during the past 20 years, and I have worked as a mentor for several years (BKF).
The sessions take place in Copenhagen – in your studio, a café, at my house - or online.


One hour sessions:

DKK 1.250 (buy 5 sessions and save 10%)

DKK 900 for recent graduates from art academies (within the last 3 years)


*The mentor sessions are targeted at professional curators and artists who have either graduated from an art academy or established an autodidact practice with participation in censored exhibitions at art institutions or professionally curated exhibitions. 

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Signe Boe / visual artist
The core of our conversation centered on how a visual artist can let themselves be represented in text and words.

Anna Walther / visual artist
My mentoring process with Birgitte has enabled me to find the core of what I want to work towards as an artist.

Mia-Nelle Drøschler / visual artist
Birgitte very quickly created a space where I felt the trust required to address otherwise sensitive topics.

Lise Tovesdatter Skou / visual artist
I applied for a mentoring course with Birgitte because I had become stuck in my practice and wanted to venture into new territories.
Marie Raffn / visual artist
As a relatively recent graduate, I faced a number of recurring challenges in my work as an artist. Birgitte provided many useful tips and tools adapted to my own situation – essential things that are sorely lacking in the art academies.

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