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Walnuts from the garden


Signe Boe / visual artist

The core of our conversation centered on how a visual artist can let themselves be represented in text and words. I felt that with her background as an art historian, a former gallery owner, and a curator – meaning that she has entered into many and greatly varied collaborations with artists with different profiles – Birgitte was able to understand my artistic starting point and to offer guidance specific to my interests. A trusting and exciting conversation arose between us, and I found that the process prompted actual development from one session to the next.

Anna Walther / visual artist

My mentoring process with Birgitte has enabled me to find the core of what I want to work towards as an artist. Not just here and now, but in the long run. I was taken very seriously, but also pushed to re-evaluate thought patterns and learned perceptions that no longer serve my interests. I have found the words to aptly describe fundamental values ​​and themes in my practice that were not clearly visible before, bringing me closer to my deeper intentions as a visual artist.

Mia-Nelle Drøschler / visual artist

Birgitte very quickly created a space where I felt the trust required to address otherwise sensitive topics. She has great insight into the artistic process and the art world, which was a huge help for me as I often feel left to my own devices when making decisions and choices. Among other things, she homed in on the places where I needed a push, and her feedback gave me many things and thoughts to work with for years to come.


Lise Tovesdatter Skou / visual artist

I applied for a mentoring course with Birgitte because I had become stuck in my practice and wanted to venture into new territories. I was incredibly happy with our work together. Birgitte is very comfortable company: I felt seen, heard and respected, and the experience has made a huge difference for me. Our work together extended over quite some time and along the way I took the initiative to act on some of the things we talked about. The progress made has been incredibly rewarding and uplifting. I got the courage to pursue new pathways and felt confident that things would work out even if I changed course. Through our conversations, I have successfully moved to where I want to be.

Marie Raffn / visual artist

As a relatively recent graduate, I faced a number of recurring challenges in my work as an artist. Birgitte provided many useful tips and tools adapted to my own situation – essential things that are sorely lacking in the art academies. Her advice and suggestions have enabled me to create a more harmonious working life. Our conversations gave me many ideas on how to better balance the time set aside for immersing myself in my works up against the time spent on administration.I was quite surprised that our meetings were so rewarding, bringing so many excellent results in their wake. I would definitely recommend Birgitte as a mentor to other artists who would like to talk through specific issues, big or small – or to have studio visits for input on their art.

Vivi Christensen / visual artist

Birgitte gently helped me while ensuring I felt seen and heard, giving me new insight into my potential. After each session I felt myself growing stronger and ever happier with the field I represent on the art scene. Throughout our work together, I also received her input on various application materials and on a proposal for a public art commission, which I have since used in my interaction with art institutions and private individuals alike.

I’ve been incredibly happy with the open-minded way she saw me and my art, and the results of our work have boosted my artistic life.


Inger Petersen Thalund, Deputy Director, Management Secretariat, Confederation of Danish Industry
With her calm and insightful approach, Birgitte headed an effective meditation exercise, a rewarding coaching session and finally gave an inspiring introduction to the art exhibition The World in You at Charlottenborg. This introduction sparked off lots of thoughts and reflections in me in relation to my life and the way I live it. Generously sharing her professional knowledge of art, Birgitte motivates you to delve deeper.

NN, Senior Vice President (SVP) Business & Organisational Development 
Birgitte conveys a holistic and existential experience of art, guiding you to reflect on your own being and your own actions in a world where we are all connected and part of something bigger. A unique experience that stimulates both sides of the brain and injects you with lots of energy.

Katia Dupret, Head of Research, RUC
The current ecological crisis urgently calls for leaders who can show us how we can fundamentally change the way we are in the world. Birgitte Kirkhoff shows the way through competent use of sensory, spiritual and artistic methods coupled with deep research-based professionalism. When guided by her, you are transformed all the way into your heart.

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