View from Titschenwarte, the Dolomites


Humans and the more-than-human-world need new leadership. In my eyes, leadership is about the responsibility, you take on in this world. No matter what your title may be.

The old ways and values of leadership are falling apart and do not resonate with younger generations. Instead, new and meaningful beacons for leadership are oriented towards the natural world, regeneration of people and other species, diversity, new business models and economies, and distribution of power.

A leader must be authentic, clear, courageous and willing to learn. Show heart and vulnerability, too, as a whole person, a living being.



We need new ideas. Art provides new perspectives on our mutual world. Art is not affirmative and raises questions rather than it provides answers or fixed meanings. This makes art a superb reflection partner and an aesthetic teacher of critical thinking. But also a great heart opener. Artistic methods and research are often interdisciplinary, which can be inspiring and generate ideas. 
A leader can really benefit from a spiritual practice for a balanced being and better listening skills. Spiritual ecology has a lot to offer leaders who are willing to dive deep for a better inner connection and a clearer perception of their being and doing, as an intrinsic part of the ecology of organisation, community, society, and the rest of the natural world. 


Fresco, Elmelunde Church


With her calm and insightful approach, Birgitte headed an effective meditation exercise, a rewarding coaching session and finally gave an inspiring introduction to the art exhibition The World in You at Charlottenborg. This introduction sparked off lots of thoughts and reflections in me in relation to my life and the way I live it. Generously sharing her professional knowledge of art, Birgitte motivates you to delve deeper.
Inger Petersen Thalund, Deputy Director, Management Secretariat, Confederation of Danish Industry

Birgitte conveys a holistic and existential experience of art, guiding you to reflect on your own being and your own actions in a world where we are all connected and part of something bigger. A unique experience that stimulates both sides of the brain and injects you with lots of energy.
NN, Senior Vice President (SVP) Business & Organisational Development 
The current ecological crisis urgently calls for leaders who can show us how we can fundamentally change the way we are in the world. Birgitte Kirkhoff shows the way through competent use of sensory, spiritual and artistic methods coupled with deep research-based professionalism. When guided by her, you are transformed all the way into your heart.

Katia Dupret, Head of Research, RUC


Alumni seminar for cultural leaders

Network of Executive Women (NEW)

I recently spoke to cultural leaders about how the cultural industry, mostly museums, can be seen through the lens of Spiritual Ecology. It dealt with values of leadership and boards, diversity, as well as the growth paradigm and its impact on employees, artists, and exhibition production.

I facilitated network meetings with leaders, starting with a guided meditation, and followed by a lecture on art and a tour in the exhibition “The World Is in You" at Kunsthal Charlottenborg. We looked both inside and outside of ourselves, and the perspectives were overwhelming. It dealt with time and the time clocks in our cells that synchronize us with Earth's rotation. Microbes that inhabit us and the lives of our ancestors that affect our genes. It dealt with listening to the art and the natural world - and ourselves no least.