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View from Titschenwarte, the Dolomites


Humans and the more-than-human-world need new leadership. In my eyes, leadership is about the responsibility, you take on in this world. No matter what your title may be.

The old ways and values of leadership are falling apart and do not resonate with younger generations. Instead, new and meaningful beacons for leadership are oriented towards the natural world, regeneration of people and other species, diversity, new business models and economies, and distribution of power.

A leader must be authentic, clear, courageous and willing to learn. Show heart and vulnerability, too, as a whole person, a living being.


We need new ideas. Art provides new perspectives on our mutual world. Art is not affirmative and raises questions rather than it provides answers or fixed meanings. This makes art a superb reflection partner and an aesthetic teacher of critical thinking. But also a great heart opener. Artistic methods and research are often interdisciplinary, which can be inspiring and generate ideas. 
A leader can really benefit from a spiritual practice for a balanced being and better listening skills. Spiritual ecology has a lot to offer leaders who are willing to dive deep for a better inner connection and a clearer perception of their being and doing, as an intrinsic part of the ecology of organisation, community, society, and the rest of the natural world. 


With her calm and insightful approach, Birgitte headed an effective meditation exercise, a rewarding coaching session and finally gave an inspiring introduction to the art exhibition The World in You at Charlottenborg. This introduction sparked off lots of thoughts and reflections in me in relation to my life and the way I live it. Generously sharing her professional knowledge of art, Birgitte motivates you to delve deeper.
Inger Petersen Thalund, Deputy Director, Management Secretariat, Confederation of Danish Industry

Birgitte conveys a holistic and existential experience of art, guiding you to reflect on your own being and your own actions in a world where we are all connected and part of something bigger. A unique experience that stimulates both sides of the brain and injects you with lots of energy.
NN, Senior Vice President (SVP) Business & Organisational Development 
The current ecological crisis urgently calls for leaders who can show us how we can fundamentally change the way we are in the world. Birgitte Kirkhoff shows the way through competent use of sensory, spiritual and artistic methods coupled with deep research-based professionalism. When guided by her, you are transformed all the way into your heart.

Katia Dupret, Head of Research, RUC

When you take part in Birgitte's course, you find yourself awash in a very special, heartfelt, poetic and loving energy. We have been challenged to listen to our innermost wisdom and yearnings so that we remember why we are here and what is important for us to contribute to the world. Birgitte and the artists inspire us to look at our own practice, to pause and adjust your path in life. You quite simply become a better and happier person by being in the company of brave people like these, who have actively taken on the task of being someone who breathes through their heart.
Hanne Frøyr, Writer

Through inspiring presentations from artists as well as stimulating reflections and discussions, Birgitte creates a very special space in her ‘Being in Practice’ course. It has shown me how important and right it is to be inspired by art and nature. To hone one’s senses, to become comfortable and familiar with yourself and thereby access the magic of everyday life.
Ellen Kathrine Hansen, M Arch MAA, PhD, Associate Professor, Head of Lighting Design Research Group and Master Programme

I am thrilled to the core about what this course has taken me through in terms of exciting perspectives on life, on nature, on how to act and be in it all. I would do it all over again in an instant.
Christina Busk, Miljøpolitisk Chef, The Danish Plastics Foundation

The artistic angle was deeply relevant, eye-opening and fantastic – all the more so because I often, in my own practice as an exhibition architect, work with artists. One of the most important aspects of the course was the feeling of community – the sense of not being entirely alone and of finding so much inspiration for alternative ways of being in the world. A desire to walk down new paths ... and inspiration for provocative, mind-blowing thoughts as I begin to consider specific, concrete ways for those ideas to actually enter our lives. It’s been about hope, joy and about fighting many new fights, which will be exciting, deeply relevant, and absolutely challenging.
Architect and Scenographer

Birgitte is a fantastic facilitator, and the course hits on something completely unique that we need today – as people and as a society. Personal leadership is relevant for all of us – and Birgitte creates a space where leaders can grow and evolve together and individually.
The course has been enriching – on several levels. Birgitte’s strong presence and committed approach to the artists and course participants alike created a space where there is room to simply be. Where you are who you are. The course has made me want to go further, exploring more of the paths that have been made visible to me.

Katja Fabrin

With Art & Personal Leadership, Birgitte has created something quite unique. With her always calm presence and great empathy, she directs our attention to how we as humans are part of nature’s large ecology that contains all wisdom. The more we connect, the faster the right answers come to us. To inspire our development, Birgitte presented us to deeply passionate artists who generously shared their reflections and personal practices. The subjects were manifold, but common to all of them was the desire to create and find meaning in an often hectic and brutal world. As my own insights came, a new connectedness to the cohort grew, a special community that we, the participants, built. I think all of us look extremely forward to a new round. We already have a set of concrete tools to continue our developments while we wait. Thank you so much – the course has really set things in motion.
Sally Unsgaard

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