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Lea Porsager, Horny Vacuum, film still

COURSE / MODULE II / 30 Sep - 2 Oct 2022
Energetic Streams

Energetic Streams is a retreat with artist Lea Porsager and Birgitte Kirkhoff on Strandgården. Strandgården is (literally) a stone’s throw away from the ocean, on the southern shores of Møn. The idyllic house with thatched roof forms a lovely frame for this retreat.


For many years, Lea Porsager has worked with energies in an entanglement of quantum physics, Kundalini Yoga, esoteric spirituality, Jung’s psychoanalysis, Tantric meditation, and much more. Thought-forms, channeling, the smallest parts of the universe, neutrinos, in free flows, dirty and liberating texts, wormholes and feminine power run as energetic streams through her practice and manifest as sculptures, films, texts, performances, and land-art.



The retreat will circle around energy. How do you gain a confidentiality with and a flow of energy – and how can this be used in your own practice? It will be about being and connecting to yourself. The beautiful landscape of Møn with the manifested deep, geological time in the shape of Møns Klint below our feet and the certified Dark Sky above our heads will put our reflections in a larger perspective. The landscape will resonate with our conversations about your practice, the present, and synchronicity – as well as growing the future you long for.  


Energetic Streams offers yoga, meditations, reflections, talks, walks, time on your own, silence, conversations, sharing, writing exercises and visualizations. It will be a deep and invigorating dive into your own practice and being.

LEA_PORSAGER_2021_Photo_Ocean Productions_.jpeg

Lea graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy and is PhD from Malmo Art Academy and Lund University. She is furthermore a Kundalini Yoga teacher and has a deep knowledge of energy work and transformation from thought to form. Characteristic of Lea’s practice and teaching is a wish for radical openness, often involving experimentation as material. 
Photo: Ocean Productions


Møns Klint



Check-in after 4 pm

Welcome and introductions




Morning in silence - Kundalini Yoga and meditation / Lea


Sessions / Lea & Birgitte


Long walk, both in silence and with reflections / Birgitte

Time alone


Session on synchronicity / Lea

Evening meditation / Birgitte



Kundalini Yoga and meditation


Session / Birgitte


Final wrap

Check-out before 3 pm



Strandgården has nice, simple, and clean bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, an old garden with fruit trees, and a big space for yoga. It is located at Bundgarnet 45, Råbylille Strand.


The retreat offers organic, vegetarian food with vegan options.


Energetic Streams with single bedroom: DKK 4.500 

Energetic Streams with shared bedroom: DKK 4.200


Module II are for those who have participated in Module I or after special agreement with Birgitte. The language is Danish.


If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please call or write Birgitte:

(tel: 31147005 / email: contact(at)


The retreat has limited numbers of participants. Non-refundable payment upon registration. Refund only if the retreat is cancelled.


Shared bedroom


Møns Klint



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