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Sensuous Governing Sensuous City 
by Sisters Hope. Photo: I diana lindhardt
Gry Worre Hallberg is a performance artist, a PhD, founder and artistic director of the performance group and movement Sisters Hope. Sisters Hope’s work unfolds at the intersection of immersion, intervention, activism, research and pedagogy. In their large-scale durational performances they explore different aspects of what they call a Sensuous society – A potential new world arising from the post-financial and ecological crisis. In their on-going groundbreaking 5-year performance, Sisters Hope Home, they are introducing a whole new artistic paradigm, called ‘Inhabitation’. Gry Worre Hallberg creates room for ‘inner journeys’ through the poetic and the sensuous – and believes in how this stimulates a new and deeper connection to the outer landscapes, ultimately leading to a transition towards a more sustainable future.

Sensuous Enchantment

Sensuous Enchantment is a deep dive into your practice and the development of a feminine leadership (unrelated to gender).


This time, you’ll meet artists Gry Worre Hallberg / Sisters Hope and Arendse Krabbe. Set in artistic universes and situations of a special character, the meetings allow for an increased bodily awareness and a quieting of the mind. You may meet your poetic self, bathe in sounds of the natural world and feel the power of the aesthetic, the feminine and the present.


You’ll get an insight into two very consistent practices that have tested and experienced over time what sensuous presence and attention have to offer both body, mind, and spirit, most often as a feeling of connectedness. Sensuous Enchantment aims at (re-)connecting body, consciousness, and the natural world. It feels enchanting!


The meetings with Birgitte and fellow participants will further deepen the dive into your own practice through reflections, conversations, mentor sessions, and follow ups.


During the course, Birgitte offers a mentor session (1:1 for 1 hour). The session can be online, or take place at Birgitte’s, in a park, or a café, in Copenhagen. For the duration of the course, you can book up to three more mentor sessions at a 20% discount, all to be held after the course has ended. A mentor session normally costs 1.250 DKK.


A strong intention of the course is furthermore to create a feeling of mutuality and being in a community of like-minded. This happens through the participants’ sharing, listening to and resonance with each other. You will therefore be encouraged to meet up with fellow participants in small groups to reflect upon your practices, and what the course may initiate of processes or reflections. The groups decide for themselves how, when, and where to meet.

You can choose an add-on to the course (limited amount of participants). Thursday Nov 10 we will visit Familien Frederiksens Is-heste in Hedehusene. Maja Frederiksen and her Icelandic horses will offer us a lesson in leadership and communication with another species. We will learn about bodily presence and how non-verbal communication can create a connectedness to the horses.


Visual artist Arendse Krabbe often works in collective constellations within the media video, sound, performance, text, cyanotype and listening situations.
A main area of interest in Arendse’s artistic practice concerns investigating what it means to listen. Arendse understands listening as a tool that sensitizes. A sensitivity that can create new and other communities across species, systems and boundaries.
Arendse has a special interest in lichen, which is a migrating organism. Lichen is a symbiotic organism that because of its complexity has extraordinary abilities that embrace difference, complexity, movement and entanglements. Arendse observes and listens to lichen, and  listens to Donna Haraway as she says “we are all lichens now, we have never been individual.” Photo: Frida Gregersen

Maja-2048x1539 (1).jpeg

Maja and the lead mare, Månestjerne


Hours: 15.00 – 17.00


Monday 26 September online (introduction / Birgitte)


Tuesday 11 October in Hedehusene, Sisters Hope Home (Sisters Hope / Gry Worre Hallberg). During the visit, we follow the regulations of Sisters Hope Home. We will be dressed in black and white clothes without visible brands, the language is English, and we will leave gadgets and watches behind.


Tuesday 25 October, online (follow-up / Birgitte)


Tuesday 1 November, physical meeting / more details later (Arendse Krabbe)


Tuesday 8 November, online (follow-up / Birgitte)

Tuesday 15 November, 15.00 - 18.00, physical meeting / (at Birgitte's)

ADD-ON: Thursday 10 November, 14.30 - 16.30, visit to Maja Frederiksen and her horses, Hedehusene

Module III is for those who have attended Module I and/or Module II – or after special agreement with Birgitte.


Price:  5.000 ex VAT (for those who're employed

Or 3.500 ex VAT (for those who aren't or have precarious jobs).

ADD-ON Bodily leadership and horses +950 DKK (registration before Oct 10 / limited participants).


The course requires at least 10 participants and max 35. Your payment will be refunded only if Birgitte cancels the course. Registration before Sep 5. 


The course will be held in Danish.

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