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Put your hand on your heart and close your eyes. Imagine breathing through the heart. Inhale deeply on the count of five and exhale on the count of five. Breathe like this for a couple of minutes or as long as you like. I get calm and enjoy feeling my heart. I try to keep this heart-connection throughout the day.

Summer is the great exhale.



I seem to look increasingly more down than up when walking in the landscape. I constantly look out for edible herbs, or beautiful stones for the hand or pocket. I use the app Seek to identify new plants and look them up afterwards to check if they’re edible. Remember to take only a small amount of the plant.

Foraging is a way of connecting to the natural world. Our ancestors used to eat 30-40 different herbs every day, plant archeologists told me in a course on plant knowledge in ancient times. Today, our microbiota lacks biodiversity. So, go taste your favorite landscapes or eat your weeds in the garden. They're healthy and it is a great joy to prepare a meal for loved ones with plants from your walks. I also make teas and prolong favorite flowers' presence by making oils and ointments.




For those of us, who do not winter swim, the sea is now accessible as an extra, sensuous space. The body consists of 50-70% water, depending on gender (men are more watery than women), and it came into being in the lake of our mother’s womb. Dive deep!


Be like a flower. Be generous with yourself and share the most beautiful sides of you with others. Allow yourself to take up space and unfold. Get a little intoxicated of being who you are. Reach for the light.


Poetry Unbound / Podcast

Your poetry ritual: An immersive reading of a single poem, guided by Pádraig Ó Tuama. Unhurried, contemplative and energizing. Anchor your life with poetry.

'Good Things Await' by Phie Ambo / Film

This movie features biodynamic farmer Nils Stokholm and it moves me deeply. Niels Stokholm is one of the most idealistic farmers in Denmark. He runs the biodynamic farm with his wife, Rita, and from their farm, Thorshøjgaard, they distribute products to some of the best restaurants in the world. But not everyone is equally fond of Thorshøjgaard and their holistic methods. Authorities and bureaucracy threaten to close down the farm. Phie Ambo follows their struggle to make sure that they are not the last to do agriculture the way they do, but some of the first. For rent at Phie's homepage or free at Filmstriben (works only if you're located in Denmark when you log on).

How to be alone’ by Pádraig Ó Tuama / Animated poem

A beautiful poem, accompanied by an animation by Leo G Franchi and produced by The On Being Project; in itself a favourite source for me.

What's it like being a plant?’ asks Professor in plant physiology Michael Broberg Palmgren / Video in Danish

We share 50% of our genes with nettles, the professor told the audience at a talk at Bloom Festival in Copenhagen. He's amazing.  

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