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The early spring still shows a battle between parents, winter and summer. Spring is their offspring. 

As spring matures, and looks more and more like her mother, we witness the awakening of the natural world.


It is time to celebrate it! Hooray, the birth of spring! 



Spring is new beginnings. Maybe it's time to nourish and tenderly care for something that matters to you or set new intentions for the time to come.


I am off to the farm Mangholm to learn more about regenerative gardening.


Jordens Hus opens an exhibition and participation platform, Renæssancejord, at the former prison, Vridsløselille in Albertslund. Jordens Hus focuses on the living soil, and celebrates and investigates it, along with researchers, artists, and soil practitioners. You can become a member or be a part of the activities. 





There is no limit to my love of birds! Spring and bird song are intrinsically linked, thank God!

I am learning to 'bird sit', which is a mindfuld listening practice. Listening to birds positively impacts your well-being and physical body on many levels. Studies have shown an increase in feelings of joy and an improvement of general mood. Listening to birds reduces stress, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, inflammation, ADHD, and ADD. It improves sleep, energy level, cognition and short-term memory, and even your post-operative condition. It boosts your immune system. It improves your social relations, your empathy and gratitude for the present; your self-compassion and self-acceptance. From you, the energy flows out to others. 

So, what is not to like? It even sounds beautiful.



Tammah Watts, Keep Looking Up! Your Guide to the Powerful Healing of Birdwatching / Book

Tammah Watts is my bird teacher and has just published a book on the subject. You can also just go ahead, look up, be still, and be aware of how it affects you. It lifts you up, I'm sure!

Ed Yong, An Immense World, The Bodley Head, London / Book

A deep dive into the wild realm of senses and how animals sense all that's invisible to us.

Isla Macleod, Rituals for Life. A guide to creating meaningful rituals inspired by nature / Book

Lovely illustrated and full of rituals to enrich life and establish meaningful relations with the natural world. The book explores the roots and purpose of ritual, as well as guides to creating and performing rituals to celebrate the seasons.

Center for Applied Ecological Thinking, Copenhagen University

Uh, someone was happy to realize that this center exists! And even more surprised to be invited to talk about Spiritual Ecology! Spirituality at a Danish university!? Times are indeed changing. They offer great events, and I am NOT thinking about the one with myself here. Important scholars are stopping by and everyone can sign up. 

Birch sap

Here is a proper guide to how to tap birch sap while making sure you care for the tree in the process.

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