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Welcome Darkness with your embracing softness. Let me immerse myself in you and you in me.
Darkness is someone’s playground, someone’s dinnertime, someone’s restitution. Darkness is a container for someone’s grief, someone’s fear, someone’s party, someone’s flight, someone’s lovemaking, someone’s death, someone’s birth. Most women go into labor at night. Everything emerges from Darkness. Darkness offers solace, invites dreams and regrets. Problems grow in Darkness. We all carry Darkness.
Let’s invite Darkness to the table.


Sometimes a Wild God, by Tom Hirons / Poem

"Sometimes a wild god comes to the table.

He is awkward and does not know the ways

Of porcelain, of fork and mustard and silver.

His voice makes vinegar from wine."


Read the rest of this meeting with the wild god – or even better, listen to Tom Hirons reading it. It is a beautiful poem.


David Abram & Sophie Strand: Magic as Radical Embedding in our Web of Relations / video conversation

This is a mind blowing conversation with two of my favorite thinkers. Magic as the deeper layer of rules! YEAH!


Sophie Strand: "I was thinking that there's a modern idea that magic is above the world of material or natural order. That we have the world of science where everything is quantifiable, we can measure it, we understand the rules. And then there's magic, which breaks the rules. I was thinking that I very much disagree with that. I think that magic is actually the deeper layer of rules, it emerges, that can't be quantified, that it's inherently irrational. In a certain way, it gives us space, that we can't actually understand everything, but there is a deeper order, an order that confounds our idea of order.” 

Your Consciousness Comes from the Moon. The Emerald. Currents and Trends through a Mystic Lens / podcast 
This podcast by Josh Schrei is unlike any other. I love this episode.

"Traditional mythic, animist, and astrological systems have long told us that the moon is more than a distant, detached object in space, but rather plays an active role in governing the daily rhythms of life. The moon — in its repetitive pulse — gave early humans the first systems of measurement and the first calendars. So the word 'moon' is directly related to the words meter, measure, and memory, and is tied to all human endeavors that repeat. Repetitive ritual enactment — humanity's primal means of remembering — is something we learned from the moon."

Morning or Evening Rituals

I love mornings the most. When the day is still fresh and unknown. Sitting in my favorite chair at dawn, with the first cup of coffee of the day, journaling in a huge and beautiful book, is simply a cherished moment. Whatever applies for you, this season invites for self-care, a deep dive into yourself, softness and warmth. Ritualizing a routine makes it more meaningful. 

Enjoying Winter out of Town

To me, city life is even less relevant during winter. I seek the countryside where darkness is truly dark, the landscape misty and magical. Where silence prevails. Alone time. I can hear a raindrop, falling on a leaf. I can hear myself breathe. A rooster, crowing miles away. There are less birds. Those who're still around communicate with each other, but the chirping melodies have vanished. Winter presents herself with all her beauty and power. 

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